Kilt Walk 2012 Speyside:

Not quite 1000 miles but more than I could do!

This is my collection of on set shots from the 2012 Speyside Kilt Walk. Well done to everyone.

Important Information

Please be patient with the speed of this page. I have deliberately uploaded large versions of these photographs (typically around 1Mb each), so give each photo a little time to load.

The reason the photos are large, is that I would like anyone who was involved with the Kilt Walk or knows someone who was, to be able to download a copy. All I ask in return is that you consider making a donation to my wife's Kilt Walk donation page at Just Giving - Dianne Gillies. Dianne completed the walk from Fochabers to Aberlour and would be very grateful for any donations.

How to download an image

Due to the way my site works here are a few simple steps to download your chosen photo.

  1. Move your mouse cursor over the Thumbnail of the image you would like to download.
  2. Press the right mouse button, to bring up a menu.
  3. select "open in new window" (Internet Explorer) or "open link in new window" (firefox).
  4. A new window will open with the full size version of the photo.
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  8. That's you all done :-)